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A member of the Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Rush also founded Dickinson College, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. One of seven children, Benjamin Rush was born in Byberry Township, outside of Philadelphia, on January 4, 1746.

Looking back, we should have started a couple of decades ago with the rise of GOP obstructionism, the war on science, mass incarceration and entertainment’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death” hostile takeover of political discourse.In 1719 the burial ground next to Christ Church was becoming full, and the neighboring lands proved too marshy to be useful for burials. ) An entry in the minutes of the Christ Church Vestry from May 15, 1719 reads "The Church wardens are desired to agree..a plot of ground which they have already viewed for a burying place and to collect the money [for it] with all convenient speed." A June 23 record continues in the same vein: "The Vestry being Mett considered the unhappy circumstances of our Church Yard for a burying place & Mr. Assheton are desired to find out a convenient purchase of Ground to add to the Church Yard..." Land was purchased along Fifth Street "in the suburbs" from a Mr. In 1719, the city of Philadelphia was only 37 years old and Fifth Street, only about three blocks from Christ Church, was considered the "suburbs" or outskirts of the city.During the era of the American Revolution, many colonists felt that funerals had become overly pomp-filled ceremonies.Finley would later be president of the College of New Jersey, which would eventually become Princeton University. Changing paths quickly, however, he moved to Philadelphia and began training as a physician.Intending to pursue a career as a lawyer, Rush attended the College of New Jersey and received his B. Here he came under the influence of the leading minds in the medical field, such as John Redman and William Shippen Jr. His subsequent travels across Europe brought Benjamin Franklin to his acquaintance, and the two men would remain lifelong friends.

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