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Set to Jo Jo’s “Mad Love,” the ABC sudser promo showcases Sonny and Carly (played by Maurice Benard and Laura Wright), who in one frame appear to be drifting apart, as well as Elizabeth and a handsy Franco (Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth), with a forlorn Griffin (Matt Cohen) positioned as odd man out.Also on display are Nelle/Michael (Chloe Lanier and Chad Duell), Jordan/Curtis/Andre (Vinessa Antoine, Donnell Turner and Anthony Montgomery), Maxie/Nathan (Kirsten Storms and Ryan Paevey), and Kiki/Dillon (Hayley Erin and Robert Palmer Watkins).Pederson said in an interview that they began dating in September, a month after she left Bayside and weeks after his divorce was finalized.He described the romance as "very quick.""We have nothing to hide," Pederson said.Meet Andy Pederson, who has one of the cushiest government jobs in the Milwaukee area.

I felt, watching Jim Morrison, that I could do that.” But for those same people a few years on, the Morrison mythology of a rock-singer-slash-poet whose lyrics reflect influences from the Romantics, French Symbolists, and Beats feels, at best, silly, and so he becomes one of the better punch lines to any number of poetry jokes. Although it may not shock that Doors music is still popular, what might surprise is that Jim Morrison’s poetry still has an audience.

Pederson also hired and promoted his top deputy to an ,000-per-year job despite her relatively short résumé.

She left her Bayside post last year for a job crafted just for her with the City of Waukesha, and Pederson and she got married in March.

On a typical day, Bayside's quiet and well-groomed village hall has many more parking spaces than cars. In many years, he also gets a bonus and a car allowance.

For example, all together — including a sick leave payout — Pederson received 5,279 in taxable income in 2014.

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