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Moments before Paul O’Neal, 18, was shot and killed in the South Shore neighborhood Thursday night, he’d rammed the Jaguar he was driving into one police car and sideswiped another. ”The officers at the scene had only received body cameras a week earlier when they were first introduced to cops at the South Chicago district police station.

Two officers fired at O’Neal while he was still in the car. Body cam video from the two officers who opened fire — but did not fire the fatal shot — guided Police Supt.

Of course, no discussion on cams would be complete without also mentioning the associated lifters.

To help you decide, we took a look at the pros and cons of all four different types and even provided recommendations.

But how well do they actually perform in the average engine?

To find out, Westech Performance recently put Comp Cams’ five most popular small-block Chevrolet cams to the test on a 10:1 355ci small-block, a test engine the company calls Gladiator. Cam The cams’ popularity rankings are based on Comp’s sales figures for discrete part numbers for the past two years.

For a variety of reasons-a proven track record, familiarity, word of mouth, or just plain tradition (“My Dad used that cam and it worked great.”), hot rodders tend to stick with what worked well in the past.

Although a major cam company like Comp Cams may offer dozens (if not hundreds) of potential cams for a particular engine family, a relatively small number of profiles accounts for the vast majority of sales.

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Used in literally millions of production Chevy big- and small-blocks, to say nothing of the many V-6 applications, the benefits of the hydraulic flat tappet cam includes low cost, minimal maintenance, and the elimination of valvetrain noise.The camshaft is one of the most important factors in determining an engine’s torque and powerbands, able to make or break an overall engine combination.On the street, hot rodders must tread a fine line in balancing performance improvement with overall driveability and reliability.Each type offers something different to enthusiasts.The question now is, which one is best for your application?

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